Course Description


  • Learn portfolio management techniques to achieve the organization's strategic goals.
  • Define portfolio management as an element of the implementation of the company's strategy - an integrating element of all types of activities: project, service, operational and product.
  • Study current international standards and frameworks for portfolio management: PMI® standard for project portfolio management (The Standard for Portfolio Management 4rd Edition (2017)), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) 5.0
  • Study the principles and approaches to project management; the relationship between its structural components - projects, project programs and operational activities,
  • Master the organization of portfolio management, its components: domains, phases of the life cycle; the role and tasks of the portfolio manager, key performance indicators.


Managers, both functional and project; product owners, C-level executives.

You will learn

After graduation you will know:

  • What a Portfolio and Portfolio Management are.
  • Business Objectives and Organizational Management
  • Role of Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Management Office
  • Portfolio Management Life Cycle
  • Principles and concept of leadership
  • Factors of effective portfolio management
  • General principles and requirements for portfolio management
  • Guiding principles

After graduation, you will be able to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of the portfolio management strategy in their companies
  • To increase the efficiency of the organization of the work of the unit responsible for the strategic directions of the company's development
  • Carry out strategic portfolio management
  • Develop the Portfolio Charter and the Roadmap
  • Manage portfolio changes
  • Implement the tools and techniques of the portfolio governance and management
  • Identify, agree, and review the project portfolio
  • Manage portfolio performance
  • Identify and manage portfolio risks
  • Interact with stakeholders in the implementation of the portfolio.


Successful graduation from ITIL 4.0 Foundation training or IT Product management, or Project management, or other managerial trainings
Practical experience in management

Course Program

  • Module 1. The concept of a portfolio of projects. Portfolio Management Objectives

    • What is Portfolio and Portfolio Management?
    • Business goals and organizational management
    • Company strategy and project portfolio management
    • The relationship between the types of management: organizational, portfolios, programs, products, projects, operational services
    • Prerequisites for creating a portfolio
    • Integrating the role of the portfolio
    • Overview of standards and frameworks
  • Module 2. Portfolio composition: programs, products, projects, operations

    • Strategic goals of the company
    • Creating a business case of a portfolio
    • Appetite for strategic risks
  • Module 3. Structure and components of portfolio management. The Role of the Portfolio Manager

    • The company's maturity level and portfolio requirements
    • Key stakeholders
    • Communication management
    • Portfolio management domains
    • Portfolio Management Areas of Expertise
    • Factors of effective portfolio management
    • Governance structure
    • The role of the project management office
    • The role of the portfolio manager.
  • Practice

    • Develop governance structure
  • Module 4. Portfolio Life Cycle Management

    • Portfolio Management Life Cycle
    • General principles and requirements. Development of strategic requirements
    • Portfolio Charter
    • Roadmap
    • Key components
    • Portfolio optimization and alignment with the organization's strategy
  • Practice

    • Develop portfolio’s charter and roadmap
  • Module 5. Capacity & Ability Management

    • Guiding Principles
    • Capacity Management & Planning
    • Organizational capacities and their assessment
    • Development of abilities
    • Performance reporting and analytics
    • Balancing capacities and capabilities
  • Practice

    • Describe the capabilities created in the portfolio
  • Module 6. Managing Stakeholder Engagement

    • Общие принципы и требования.
    • Определение и идентификация стейкхолдеров
    • Идентификация коммуникационных подходов
    • Информационная система управления (PfMIS)Управление спросом и поставками
  • Practice

    • Develop a stakeholder structure and a plan for their involvement through communications
  • Module 7. Portfolio Value Management

    • Guidelines
    • Purpose and components
    • Align, deliver and deliver value
    • Measurement & Reporting
  • Module 8. Risk management

    • Balancing risks
    • Portfolio Risk Management Environment
    • Key Planning Elements
    • Course Conclusions
    • Congratulations!
  • Practice

    • Develop a portfolio risk management plan

Course duration in hours:

16 hours

Course Schedule

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    Danil Dintsis


    Any convenient date

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