Course Description


Setup right expectations and approach to implementing IT service management in your company.

Define the appropriate ITSM framework for your organization.

Learn the principles of designing valuable services and processes.

Define service goals and metrics.

Design service contracts (SLAs)

Justify your higher salary and promotion for job by Achieving the ITSM (ITIL® Foundation) certification.


IT Pros, IT managers, IT Customers, and users

You will learn

  • Learn how to align IT to business goals.
  • ITSM ITIL® 4.0 service management framework knowledge.
  • Understanding co-creating of value.
  • Understand groups of factors, which make impact on an IT service such as
    • People and organization.
    • Information and Tools.
    • Partners and Suppliers.
    • Processes and Value streams.
  • Implement 7 guiding principles for decision-making.
  • Be able to design and implement processes based on Service Value System and
    34 practices, 18 of which are thoroughly explained at the course.
  • Understand ITIL® certification system and
    Be able to prepare fot the ITIL® 4.0 certification exam.


No specific pre-requisites are required. Having basic experience in IT or working with IT would be an advantage.

Course Program

  • Module 1. Introduction and Recap of ITIL 4 based on pre-reading

  • Module 2. Service Management: Key Concepts

    • Service Management: Key Concepts - Part 1

      Service management concepts. Value-based management. Service consumer and provider. Service-product-component. Service offering.

    • Service Management: Key Concepts - Part 2

      Value - cost - risk balance. Utility & warranty

  • Module 3. The Guiding Principles

    • The Guiding Principles - Part 1

      Detailed overview of 7 guiding principles

    • The Guiding Principles - Part 2

      Applying maturity check based on 7 guiding principles

  • Module 4. The Four Dimensions of Service Management

    • Organization and people.
    • Information and technology.
    • Suppliers and partners.
    • Value streams and partners
  • Module 5. The Service Value System and Service Value Chain

    • Part 1. Service Value System (SVS). Governance, Service value chain and it's activities.
    • Part 2. Service value chain. Continuous improvement.
  • Module 6. Continual Improvement

  • Module 7. The ITIL Practices

    • Part 1. The ITIL Practices

      Overview of 34 practices. Core practices - CV continuous improvement practice. Change enablement practice. Organizational change management overview. Incident management practice.

    • Part 2. The ITIL Practices (Contd.)

      Core practices - Problem management practice, Service request management practice, Service desk practice, Service level management practice.

    • Part 3. The ITIL Practices (Contd.)

      Other ITIL 4.0 practices.

  • Module 8. Wrap up / Exam Preparation Guide/ Mock Exam / Advice

Course duration in hours:

16 hours

Course Schedule

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    Danil Dintsis


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