Full-time education

The traditional form of education gives you the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to quickly get answers to questions from the teacher both during and after classes.
  • Discussions during lectures that will help shed light on working moments. In live communication with a mentor and classmates, you will be able to discuss the topic from different angles and learn more information.
  • Quality control by the teacher, who will be able to react quickly if the topic is difficult for you, and will try to help you comprehend it as much as possible.
  • Working atmosphere in the general audience. Learning in a team with the constant presence of a teacher always sets up a working mood.
  • Establishing professional relationships. Your classmates are experts in their field. Together you will be able to share professional experience and more.

Remote format

Distance learning gives you the following advantages:

  • Professional Teachers: Training in Unitraining is an experience provided by outstanding teachers with extensive practical experience and certifications from world leaders in the industry.
  • nClass Technology: Our unique InClass technology provides real-time study in groups, allowing students to interact with teachers and each other.
  • Student Support: Unitraining teachers don't just provide material, they actively support students, ensuring that no one is left alone with questions.
  • Practical Knowledge: Our approach focuses on the practical application of knowledge. Students gain skills that they can instantly use in real work scenarios.
  • Saving time and money: Online group training saves time and money on trips to the center by providing comfortable learning from anywhere.
  • Hands-on understanding: We pay special attention to the consolidation of material, giving students the opportunity to apply new knowledge in various tasks and projects.
  • Education from abroad: Unitraining offers quality education even outside the country, opening the way for students from all over the world.

Free-form learning

An opportunity to learn by your own rules

  • Course selection and payment: Choose a suitable course, make a payment, and start studying right away!
  • Full access to materials: Get the keys to video tutorials, educational and useful materials in your personal account.
  • Viewing flexibility: Watch video tutorials at a convenient pace, return to the necessary moments – control over learning is in your hands.
  • Study materials and homework: After the video lesson, delve into the study materials and do homework, ensuring thorough understanding of information.
  • Review and feedback: Send the work to the teacher and get detailed feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Personal account for questions: Any questions? Ask the teacher and get detailed answers from them.