Course Description


Impart understanding on the alignment of digital business strategy with IT strategy.

Be able to deal with disruption from new technologies are impacting organizations in every industry and how business leaders are responding.

Justify your higher salary and promotion for job by preparing for ITIL®4.0 DITS certification.


IT Pros, IT managers, CIO, CDO, CTO

You will learn

  • Demonstrate the use of ITIL Guiding Principles in Digital and IT Strategy decisions and activities
  • Understand why organizations need to change the way they do business in markets disrupted by digital and information technology, and relate this to the concepts of strategy that they will need to master as they make these changes
  • Relate the concepts of Digital and IT Strategy, the Service Value System and the Service Value Chain and explain how they work together to create value in markets being transformed by digital and information technology
  • Understand how an organization uses digital and IT strategy to remain viable in environments disrupted by digital technology
  • Understand strategic approaches made possible by digital and information technology to achieve customer / market relevance and operational excellence
  • Understand the risks and opportunities of digital / IT strategy
  • Understand the steps and techniques involved in defining and advocating for a digital / IT strategy
  • Understand how to implement a digital / IT strategy
  • Be able to prepare for the ITIL® 4.0 DITS certification exam.


Successful graduation from ITIL 4.0 Foundation training.

Course Program

  • Module 1. Introduction

    • The role of IT services in a digital organization
    • Course overview. Acquaintance with listeners
    • Basic concepts of IT service management
  • Module 2. Key concepts of digital strategy

    • The need for change
    • Why organizations need a digital strategy
    • Digital Technologies, Digital Business and Digital Organization
    • Products, Services & Competitive Advantage
    • Business, digital and IT strategies
    • Business Models
    • Value creation system. Strategy Management Practice
  • Module 3. Analysis of external factors

    • ­4 dimensions
    • PESTLE analysis
    • Application of the results of the analysis
  • Module 4. Strategy through destruction

    • How to preserve the value of the company in the digital transformation of the external environment
    • The viability of digital organizations and digital transformation
    • Patterns of behaviour in digital services
    • Strategic approaches to the VUCA environment. Cynefin
    • Types of destructive impacts: ecosystem, industry, market, organization
    • Balanced strategy
    • Positioning tools for digital organizations
  • Module 5. Digital approaches

    • The "hourglass" of digital strategies
    • Market/Customer Compliance Strategy
    • The "journey" of the customer
    • Multi-channel service delivery and support
    • Context-sensitive service delivery and support
    • Customer analytics
    • 360° approach
    • Operational Excellence
    • Excellence across 4 dimensions
    • Automation Strategy
    • Resource Mobilization Strategies
    • Financial aspects of digital and IT strategy
    • Financial Policies and Models
    • Financial Management Practice
    • Portfolio Management Practice
    • Evolutionary approaches to strategy: innovation, flexibility and sustainability, organizational change; New competencies
  • Module 6. Risks

    • Risk Management Practices
    • Strategic Risk Management
    • Risk Response Policies
    • Risk-based culture
    • Innovation as a strategic capability
    • Controlled chaos
  • Module 7. Developing a digital strategy

    • Digital Readiness Assessment
    • Developing a vision
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business cases
  • Module 8. Implementing a digital strategy

    • Business & Operating Models
    • The structure of the organization
    • Architecture Management Practices
    • Workforce & Talent Management Practice
    • Digital Leadership Skills
    • Managing Strategic Initiatives
    • Implementation approaches
    • Parallel operations
    • Measurement
  • Module 9. ITIL 4.0 DSV module certification

    • ITIL certification schema and levels
    • DITS exam preparation
    • Mock up exam
    • Recommendations for preparation and taking the certification exam
    • Congratulations!

Course duration in hours:

24 hours

Course Schedule

  • Trainer

    Danil Dintsis


    Any convenient date

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