Course Description


Learn the principles of designing valuable services and value chains

Be able to:

  • Design value chain for a new service
  • Design value chain for support of an existing service
  • Design team culture, roles and measurement.
  • Define service goals and metrics
  • Apply Information and Technology dimension for creating, delivering and support services
  • Define sourcing models

Justify your higher salary and promotion for job by preparing for ITIL®4.0 CDS certification.


IT Pros, IT managers, CIO, CDO, CTO

You will learn

  • Knowledge and practical skills in designing value streams for creating, delivering and support IT services
  • Understanding of collaborative team culture and customer-oriented mindset
  • Positive communications skills
  • Employee satisfaction management
  • Designing measuring and reporting systems
  • Understanding place and role of Information and technological systems, including
    • Advanced analytics
    • Robot process automation (RPA)
  • Ability for value stream design and analysis
    • For a new service
    • For an existing service
  • Ability to prioritize work in queues and backlogs
  • Apply shift-left approach
  • Make build-or-buy decisions
  • Manage integration and sourcing (SIAM models)
  • Be able to prepare for the ITIL® 4.0 CDS certification exam.


Successful graduation from ITIL 4.0 Foundation training.

Course Program

  • Module 1. Introduction

    • Let’s Get to Know Each Other
    • Overview
    • ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support and Service Value Chain
    • Key Audience
    • ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support Course
  • Module 2. Organization and Culture

    • Organizational Structures
    • Team Culture
    • Continuous Improvement Culture
    • Collaborative Culture
    • Customer-Oriented Mindset
    • Positive Communication
  • Module 3. Effective Teams

    • Capabilities, Roles and Competencies
    • Workforce Planning
    • Employee Satisfaction Management
    • Results Based Measuring and Reporting
  • Module 4. Information Technology to Create, Deliver and Support Services

    • Integration andData Sharing
    • Reporting andAdvanced Analytics
    • Collaboration and Workflow
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • CI/CD
    • Information Model
  • Module 5. Value Streams

    • Anatomy of a Value Stream
    • Designing a Value Stream
    • Value stream mapping
  • Module 6. Value Stream to Create, Deliver and Support Services

    • Value Stream Model For Creation of A New Service
  • Module 7. Value Stream for User Support

    • Value Stream Model For Restoration of A Live Service Step-by-step stream map
  • Module 8. Prioritize and Manage Work

    • Managing Queues and Backlogs
    • Prioritizing Work
    • Shift-Left Approach
  • Module 9. Commercial and Sourcing Considerations

    • Build or Buy
    • Sourcing Models
    • Service Integration and Management
  • Module 10. ITIL 4.0 CDS module certification

    • ITIL certification schema and levels
    • CDS exam preparation
    • Mock up exam
    • Recommendations for preparation and taking the certification exam
    • Congratulations!

Course duration in hours:

16 hours

Course Schedule

  • Trainer

    Danil Dintsis


    Any convenient date

    Training format

    Place of study

    Online, from a convenient location




    4420 ₪

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