Individual Training

Individualized learning allows you to explore areas and topics that are truly necessary and interesting for the development of your professional activity.

At Unitraining, the individualized learning format enables us to pay special attention to each specific question and design a specialized method to solve the given task. Our instructors will assist you in this process!

You will be at the center of the learning experience, with our specialists working on refining your skills and helping you apply them in your field.

Why choose the Individual Training format:

  • The instructor works exclusively with you! Sessions are conducted according to an individualized learning program, and the instructor's focus is solely on you.
  • Save your time! You can complete the program faster on an individual schedule at a time convenient for you. Available as either remote learning, in-person in Tel Aviv, or with sessions conducted at your location in Israel and beyond.
  • Highly efficient learning process! Get the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

Choose the optimal pace of the learning process, time, and even the location of the sessions. Enroll in our courses or reach out to us with your program requirements to experience all the benefits of an individualized approach!

Your knowledge is our goal!