Unitraining is a center with an innovative approach in Israel, offering a wide range of services in the corporate training market.

We execute educational projects of any complexity with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

We provide a diverse array of courses in Israel, ensuring a high standard of education in information and office technologies.

People are the main asset of any company, and employee training is a crucial tool for increasing productivity. Corporate training fosters increased productivity and adherence to higher professional standards, sets new benchmarks for company personnel policies, and forms an efficiently functioning team of specialists.

By training your employees with professional educational service providers, you gain:

  • Increased speed in completing tasks using existing technologies (eliminating unnecessary actions, reducing errors and failures)
  • The ability to adopt new technologies (such as transitioning to new hardware and software)
  • Improved overall work efficiency and increased professionalism of your personnel
  • Non-monetary perks for employees for effective work, serving as a means of retaining personnel and reducing costs associated with hiring and adaptation of new employees

You can choose training from our standard programs or request a customized curriculum of any scope and complexity within compressed timeframes. Specifically for you, we can devise an individual training plan for your staff.

You can train your employees in our comfortable office in Tel Aviv or remotely.

Additionally, you can implement international training projects at our center, educating both Israeli and foreign specialists with no location restrictions.