How to Convince Your Employer to Fund Your Training?

Do you want to improve your skills, but are unsure how to persuade your supervisor to cover the costs of training? Try one of the suggested approaches or simply download the template letter for your supervisor via the provided link.

Try to justify using the following arguments:

  • To address the current challenges facing the company, we urgently need to acquire new skills and tools. This will enable us to develop an effective business strategy and attract more clients.
  • The course will use concrete examples to deal with the challenges specific to our company. Those insights will help elevate our business to the next level.
  • Following the training, I will create a step-by-step plan for business improvement and present it to you for approval. That strategy can then serve as a guide for all employees.
  • I have previously undergone training at this center. I immediately applied the new knowledge in my work, yielding positive results. I am curious about new technologies and tools that can be implemented in our company.
  • Specialists from another company have already completed this course. Within a few months, their market positions grew exponentially. We also need to embrace new approaches to problem-solving.

Are you still finding it challenging to justify your training?

ms-word Download the letter template via the link