Consulting Services

The stable and effective functioning of all departments and systems within an organization is crucial for ensuring the business functioning of any enterprise. Improving internal processes is necessary for the development of the business itself. This requires redirecting the efforts of individual departments to address specific business tasks. Consulting is a comprehensive solution to a client's specific business challenges.

Qualification Consulting

  • Preparation of requirements for specialists in the enterprise based on the tasks at hand (information technology, accounting, project management). Development of qualification requirement maps based on job responsibilities.
  • Development of disparity maps in the preparation (conducting testing) of a specialist and requirements for the position based on the Readiness Manager methodology.
  • Development of programs for retraining specialists.
  • Proposals for training (retraining) of employees and conducting candidate testing.

Solving Applied Promblems

  • Programming. Our instructors, who have experience in applied development and whose knowledge is confirmed by PYTHON CODING APPRENTICE (PCA) and PCEP – CERTIFIED ENTRY-LEVEL PYTHON PROGRAMMER certificates, among others, will provide recommendations on software design and development.
  • Project and IT service management. We will develop an applied set of documents for your enterprise's project management (Charter templates, project plan, risk and quality management plans, current and final project reports). For companies planning to implement IT service management based on popular ITIL methodologies, our specialists will provide recommendations for the implementation process, along with key methodological, regulatory, and reporting documents.